* Are you struggling with your health?

* Do you know you have amazing gifts but don't know how to access them?

* Is something holding you back from achieving your life's dream?

Then you've come to the right place. You deserve a life filled with blessings.

The Akashic Records have been an invaluable, loving, and compassionate resource for Christine’s growth and transformation process. She wants to share it with you to empower you to connect to this unlimited resource. Christine has been witness to the releasing of addictions, phobias, judgments, difficult emotions and dis-eases. Behaviors that no longer serve us or our highest good. That keeps us from remembering our true nature ... love, joy, and peace.


Christine VanCoughnett Bio

Christine VanCoughnett is an established Akashic Record Teacher and Reader who uses the Akashic Records as the medium.

Christine is an intuitive, psychic energy and body healer, reader and teacher medical medium and Health Coach. She has spent over twenty-five years studying and practicing alternative healing modalities to restore, guide and inspire her clients to live their soul's purpose. She has worked at the Wellness Center at The Omega Institute for many years.  Now teaching and working with people all over the country.

Christine's purpose and joy come from assisting her client's through the transformational process of becoming their truest most inspired selves. Her offerings include Akashic Record Readings/Healing, Energy and Distance Healing. Intuitive guidance, Medical Medium, and teaching people to Read the Records for themselves and others.